Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet LILL's "Models"!

LILL's current home page features 3 lovely ladies from LILL's HQ and one special little lady, Jen's daughter - Hadley! There is a sweet story behind this "feel good, warm and fuzzy" home page.

The shoot took place in Jen's home. During the photo taking Hadley awoke from her nap, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. So sweet, how could we not want to take some fun practice shots with her in it? Turns out, Hadley is a natural - mom must take lots of pictures of her! Hadley really helped to bring the feel good feeling we were looking for to life. She's just like her mommy, so into fabrics and colors. There's no doubt she will be a mini version of Jen someday.

Although the shoot was not tremendously long, it was hard for our models to smile for such long periods of time. In order to loosen up those smile muscles they could be found doing the "Super Model" look or as we like to refer to is as "The Zoolander Look". It helped to have a bit of silly time between shots.

Now get to know our models:

Meet Robin N., LILL's Vice President
Favorite Style: "I am loving the HADLEY right now – it’s big enough to throw stuff for my kids into it, including an extra diaper and sippy cup, but it’s still definitely a “purse” vs. a diaper bag. Plus it has these great pockets for my blackberry, digital camera and CONNOR with my business cards."

What do you love about working at LILL? "Having been involved with Jen’s dream for what would become 1154 LILL from the very early stages, I don’t feel that this is a job, but instead, simply a part of my life. I can’t imagine doing anything else and I feel so lucky to be involved with something that is so important to me. It’s thrilling to help someone design a bag that is perfectly her or hear a customer talk with excitement about the bag she designed herself. It’s rewarding to collaborate with so many talented people here at headquarters to shape and direct what LILL is now and what the company, the brand, the product and the experience will become in the future. And finally, I am inspired and proud of my friend for building all of this. She is so strong and brave and always sees the best – both in possibilities and in people."

Meet Laurie C., LILL's Creative Services Associate
Favorite Style: "SUSAN! Over the weekend I stuffed my laptop, an extra pair of shoes, my makeup, clothes for 2 days, a book, and a freezer bag full of cookies in my SUSAN."
What do you love about working at LILL? "I love my coworkers and the sense of community that exists at LILL. Oh, and there is always candy somewhere. I like that, too."

Meet Amy F., LILL's Web Store Manager

Favorite LILL Bag Style: "JACK and SOPHIE, I love the convenience of both and especially because they are both named after 2 of my favorite people! Although I have had my eye on SUSAN for quite some time now."

What do you love about working at LILL? "I've been with LILL for almost 6 years now. Before that, during college I interned at Jen's small studio apartment where it all started - 1154 LILL St. in Chicago. It's been so amazing to see how much we've grown over the years and I'm so happy and proud to be a part of the growth. And of course, the people that work here are the greatest. They are truly like my family. I've seen so many girls go through weddings and babies. It's nice to "grow up" with a wonderful bunch of people."

We hope you enjoyed the outtakes of the shoot and getting to know our models/team members a bit more!

-Lilly S.

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