Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's All About You

Here at LILL we encourage our customers to express their individuality through their personally designed bag. We want you to not only enjoy your experience, but to also love your bag so much that you can't wait to show it off! We're constantly inspired by the fabric combinations you pair together and always amazed by our pick up wall. There's always a number of ideas we've never thought of and it's always interesting to see what colors and patterns everyone is craving to wear. Here's a look at a few styles customers are picking up this weekend...enjoy your bags ladies!

(From top left)
Brianna with Akebia Vines & Dusty Rose
Erinn with Dottie & Lagoon Faux Suede
Nikki with Seaside Mist & Flourish
Lexie with Moroccan Tiles & Grass Green
Keep up the good work!