Friday, November 28, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week

Happy Friday LILL Fans! I am excited to post my pick this week after a short hiatus. This week's pick was designed by LILL customer Elizabeth S. Elizabeth designed a custom BRIDGET. BRIDGET is a reversible bag!

For the exterior, she chose the fun Topsy Turvy fabric. For the interior, she chose the whimisical Bangladesh Paisley with a zipper accent that really pops in Tomato Faux Suede.

Check back next week for a new post. Have a great weekend! Emily

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Can you believe Thanksgiving is already tomorrow? We are hosting at our house this year, so its time to dust off all those seldom used serving dishes and table settings! Fortunately for my family, I will not be the head chef - I'll serve as "sous-chef" to the wonderful cook that is my mother-in-law. I'll do what I do best - I'll supply the tools and dress the space and leave the "concocting" of the meal to her.

As I see the holiday decor (and hear that familiar music) everywhere I go, I am really starting to "feel" the holidays. It seeps in slowing and before I know it we will be at the height of the holiday season and I will be wondering how Christmas is tomorrow and how I still have a huge list of things to finish. I relish so many of the special things that happen this time of the year, but am always amazed at how quickly the time goes.

So before it gets too far away from me, I wanted to send a note of thanks out to our amazing customers. I truly appreciate your patronage and support of our brand. Your feedback both pushes and inspires us every day. I love hosting you in my "home" that is the LILL brand and I love being the "sous-chef" to the true creators of our products - you! I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful, engaged and loyal customers! Thank you for your business and for sharing your love of LILL with your family and friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jen Velarde
Founder/President - 1154 LILL Studio

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Featured 'LILL Girl' - Meet Briana!

Meet Briana, a LILL Girl since March of '08. Originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey, but now resides in Los Angeles, designer of 12 LILL Bags! I received a few emails about a particular LILL FANatic, Briana. Her love for LILL was spread about the office, bringing cheer to us all. This is why we love what we do and why we love to hear your stories.

Jenny W., our LILL on Location rep for the OC/LA area wrote a post about Briana's party on her blog.

Lets get to know Briana by learning some fun facts about her.

Briana featured on left loving her DONNA.

Special hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?
"I really love to travel. I love exploring new places and cultures. I've been to 41 different states and a number of countries (USA, Mexico, The Bahamas, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong, China, Japan, England, Scotland, Spain, France, The Netherlands and Italy).
Any fun facts you’d like to share?
I once lived on a ship with 600 college students for 100 days while traveling around the world!"

What began your love for LILL and how long have you been a LILL Girl?
"I was first introduced to LILL while I was at a conference in Boston in March of '08. A friend from grad school told me that she had just designed her own bag at a store on Newbury Street, and I was immediately intrigued. Being someone who has a pretty healthy obsession with bags, I knew immediately that I needed to check this out for myself. So I went back with her, and the minute I walked into the shop, I knew I was hooked. I made two bags that day for myself, one for a friend and got the phone number for the LA rep."

How many LILL Bags do you own?
"Let's see. I own an ANDI, a MOLLY, a DONNA, an ANNE, a DREA, two LESLIEs, a SAM, an ERIKA, a LIZ, an ERINN and an AUDREY JANE. Oh...and a CONNOR! I believe that is 12 in total!
Favorite LILL style?
"This is a tough question. It's hard for me to choose. But, I think my favorite is the ANDI. She's such a great everyday bag. She has plenty of space for all of my daily needs, and she can easily hold some of the smaller LILLs inside (like the SAM!)"

Top 3 fabric picks:

Calla Lily - It's just such a beautiful fabric, and I love the different textures of it!

Paisley Party - When I first saw it in person, I was blown away by how appealing the different colors and patterns were. I knew I needed it on a bag immediately!

Central Park Tweed
- I love green and tweed, so I think this fabric was made for me!

“If I were the queen of LILL for a day of LILL I would….invite all of my favorite bag-lovers to come make a bag. I love introducing new people to LILL and seeing how much fun they have while designing their own purse. I would especially invite those who are skeptical because they can't picture what the bag will look like in the end because I know once they see the end-product, they'll be a LILL fan for life! I would basically host one large LILL party!"

Thanks so much, Briana! It was certainly fun getting to know you better. We can't wait to create with you again and see what creation you come up with next!

-Lilly S.