Friday, April 4, 2008

Earth Friendly + Style Friendly

What a perfect combination! LILL has expanded their fabric selection by adding some adorable, eco-friendly fabrics. To celebrate Green Month, we’ve created some chic ready-made bags for you to grab up and wear to your next tree planting ceremony or to simply show your ‘green pride’ at your next outing with your gal pals.

All of these ready-made combinations are made with a combination of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester or post-consumer recycled plastic.

HADLEY - Kalahari Leopard and Ballerina Twill

LIZ - Black Licorice Twill and Snow Leopard

GRACE - Black Licorice Twill and Ballerina Twill

ANDI - Green Stalk and Black Licorice Twill

ERINN - Snow Leopard and Black Licorice Twill

Or, design your own earth friendly LILL Bag by choosing the following fabrics for
your combination:

Green Stalk - 100% recycled post-consumer plastic
Black Licorice Twill -
100% organic cotton

Kalahari Leopard - 100% recycled post-consumer plastic.
Ballerina Twill and Cigar Twill - 100% organic cotton

Snow Leopard - 100% recycled post-consumer plastic.
Key Lime Twill - 100% organic cotton

Thank you for supporting LILL's rendition of the "Go Green" effort!
We look forward to creating with you.
-Lilly S.