Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Things You Are Given

This week was a memorable one for me. I am pregnant with my 3rd child, and had my 20 week visit to the doctor on Monday. For those who have been through a pregnancy before, the 20 week visit is a "big" one - you get an amazing view of your child during a lengthy ultrasound and it is the one where you can find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. For our first 2 children, we opted to be traditional and wait till the end. The announcement of "it's a boy," for our first, and "it's a girl" for our second was nothing short of thrilling. I had hoped to go the same route this time and wait till the end, but over the last few weeks I simply got anxious. Maybe, it was that the timing of the appointment was so close to the Presidential election - where nothing was certain until yesterday, or that lately the news is filled with so many unknowns. Something was pushing me to find out so I would know for sure. Fortunately, baby number 3 obliged and quickly offered the doctor a view that confirmed, without a doubt, that we are having a boy. Joey, our 4 year old, was thrilled. After all, he had been praying "to make the new baby a boy" almost every night in his prayers. The revelation to him that his prayers had come true is something I'll cherish.

Number 3 completes our family. Knowing the make up of my family - boy, girl, boy - gives me a peace I can't quite explain. Some things you can't plan or choose, you are just given. And somehow, the things you are given have a way of being just right.

Jen Velarde
Founder - 1154 LILL Studio

Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet LILL! See why we love it.

For this upcoming holiday season, we know how important it is to find the perfect gift. That mixed with the economy and the state it's in, we know how important to spend wisely and put your earnings towards something you believe in. As you know, you can design the perfect handbag, accessory or pillow with LILL, however there is something more that you are giving when you are giving the gift of LILL. All LILL products are created right here in Chicago. When you buy LILL, you support a local, woman-owned business, employed by team members who also stand behind the LILL product and philosophy.

Your LILL Bag, accessory or pillow is hand-cut, hand-sewn and shipped to you by a special individual. We’d like to introduce you to these dynamic team members that make the LILL product, and company, personal and unique.

Meet Kari, Mandy and Alexandra. (Featured in picture, from left to right) You may recognize these girls as our models from our current home page on our website. Each girl is as sweet and unique as a LILL Bag. Get to know the girls that work to make your LILL experience and product so special.

Meet Kari O, Cutting Team Member
Favorite Style: ANDI
"I love being a part of the LILL team because I love getting to look at pretty fabric all day."

Meet Mandy L., Design Department Director
Favorite Style: ERINN
"I love being a part of the LILL team because I get to work in a collaborative environment with the greatest people."

Meet Alexandra A., Cutting Team Member, Junior Fabric Associate
Favorite Style: HADLEY
"I Love being a part of the LILL team because I am surrounded by creative problem solvers, and I learn something new about my job everyday at work and look forward to expanding my skills of this profession."

Check back often as we will be featuring the lovely people that make LILL the wonderful place it is. Feel good about the gifts you give.

-Lilly S.