Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Setting the Table

Thanksgiving is upon us! I think for most that means they are busy making preparations for the big meal. It means trips to the grocery store. I've been 3 times since Saturday - seems we keep remembering one more item we need... and of course find many more that just "look so good" we have to buy. It never fails that we prepare food to feed an army, however are expecting less than 10 at our house tomorrow.

While I'm a good shopper, I'm not very skilled in the kitchen, so my job is always prepping the house and setting the table. I love this. I love using all the table linens and dishes and glasses and silverware that for most of the year are simply on display. I typically don't figure out what I'm doing to set the table until the day of. I find it exciting to pull out what I have and combine it in new ways. I love pulling things from other rooms and finding a way to creatively use these items as part of the centerpiece. I get so much satisfaction out of "pulling it off" with things around the house. And, while others at the table are oohing and awhing about how wonderful the food is, I am so much more about how all the food looks as it adorns my pulled together table.
As it stands today, I don't have exact plans for my table yet, but plan to spend a little time surfing for ideas tonight as I pull out all the "possible" items I have to include in this year's table settings. It is sure to be a highlight of my day. Here are some links to some sites I will use for inspiration:

Happy Thanksgiving!
Jen Velarde