Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've Decided on My DONNA!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted on my three combinations to help me decide which DONNA I should choose for my gym bag. DONNA #1 was the clear winner with 65% of your votes! You have all been so helpful, especially those that sent me alternate combinations. So, I have made my decision with your help! I have decided to go with one of the combinations suggested to me instead!

I went with one of Amity’s combinations:

I particularly like this one because of all the different textures and patterns. It’s funky and fun, plus has my favorite color combination of brown and pink. It is similar to the winning combination voted on by you, with some added spunk!

All the combinations suggested were so fun and unique it was a hard decision.

I am impressed with the creative talent my “LILL Girls” have out there and am looking forward to creating with you all once again. Perhaps a bag for the holidays!

Check back with me shortly, you never know what’s going to pop up on my blog!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lilly's Raffle Winner!

A big congrats to Diana O.!
She was our lucky winner of 1154 LILL’s drawing for a $50 gift certificate.
She is excited and ready to design her next LILL Bag.
We will be hearing from her again when she has used her gift certificate towards her bag.

I asked her a few questions so we could all get to know our winner a little better.

Meet Diana O.:
She is from Canton, Michigan
She owns 3 LILL Bags and 2 LILL Wallets
Favorite fabrics? “I love any fabric that's kind of funky, I like to mix and match fabrics even ones that don't appear to match but may look good together.”
What’s your favorite LILL Handbag style? “I like the Donna bag but many others as well. I really like your new bag the metal strap (CORA). I love purses and like to change them with my moods, seasons, etc
Do you have a favorite quote? “My favorite quote is "It is what it is." There are things in life that we cannot control and this quote reminds me to make the best of it!”
Anything you are particularly looking forward to for the upcoming holidays? “I'm looking forward to the holidays because I have a one year old daughter, and I can't wait to see how she'll react to the Christmas tree, lights, gifts, gatherings, etc. My husband and I had to wait soooo long to have a child so we cherish every moment of it!”

Thanks again to all who have entered the raffle. Keep checking back for special discounts, sneak peeks at new styles and of course to design together!

In the meantime you can still help me choose my DONNA! I have received many new combination ideas, so now my decision will be a little more difficult. Don't forget to send me your ideas as well. Check back on Wednesday, October 31st to see what combination I've chosen to use as my gym bag!