Friday, November 19, 2010

Crafty Can be Cool

The wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving is approaching
which for me, means a few things like..
-Incredible food in greatly-oversized portions
-Afternoon-consuming naps
-Catching up with family
-Shopping like it's going out of style
-The blessing of free-time

This last aspect got my friend and I thinking about spending some of that time getting a little crafty...

While I have done a number of crafts growing up, I am now 21 and in hopes of discovering a few projects that are homemade but also hip, artsy, and colorful! In case you find yourself with some wonderful, and i'm sure well deserved, free-time this holiday weekend-here are a few projects you may want to try out :)

  • Design your own apron! Move away from that "one size fits all" style and incorporate your own taste into an all new kitchen ensemble

  • Create fashionable placemats out of magazine covers-find covers or pages of magazines that you'd love to show off and all you need is thin pieces of wood, transfer paper, and varnish in order to make pieces of art you can display at every meal!

  • Begin knitting a blanket-especially if you live in a place like Michigan, as I do, you will have many gray, chilly days to work on it as well as greatly appreciate its' warmth.

  • Decorate lamp shades-All over the magazines and specialty boutiques are shades draped in ribbon and adorned with flowers. Make the most of your old shade or pick up an inexpensive one to experiment on! It'll add both personality and much cozier lighting to any room.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week ahead full of family, friends, food, and maybe even a craft or two :)



Monday, November 15, 2010

Design Updates

Wendy is officially here! If you happened to stop in at the store or attended a LILL on Location party over the weekend you may have had the opportunity to get your's a little early, but today is the day it's available everywhere. Wendy is a casual tote bag that offers you an exterior and an interior fabric choice, as well as your choice of black of natural webbing for the straps. The straps have a super cute knot detail that we all love, and there's a sneaky zipper set into the exterior side seam to keep all your valuables safe. On top of all that Wendy is reversible, and has a great price point at $88, making it a perfect holiday gift.

Design yours today!