Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet Our Newest Fan!

While responding to some customers on our Facebook page we noticed one customer in particular who was super excited about her recent LILL experience. We love getting to know our customers, and we just had to get to know Sidney. We had a little Q & A with Sidney and would like to share it with you...

How were you introduced to 1154 LILL Studio?
My husband knows how much of a purse-aholic I am and saw your site listed in one of his RSS feeds. He sent it to me and said, lovingly, "don't OD". I was on the site building a purse everyday for at least two weeks.

What was it about LILL that got you excited to design your own bag?
Being able to make a bag, with patterns and colors and textures that were all me, was the most exciting part of this process. I like bags with character, hardware and pockets, and while Lill doesn't have many bags with elaborate hardware, the character is one of a kind.

How many LILL bags do you own? Any favorite styles? What makes them your favorite?
I "adopted" two bags- Maya and Sandra. Maya was "conceived" on October 22nd and she came home just before Thanksgiving last year. Sandra was "conceived" during Snowmaggedon 2011 and will arrive by the end of February. These bags are my current favorites due to their many pockets and size. Maya is great when I am on business because I can fit my netbook and accessories inside without the need for another bag; Sandra will be more of an everyday bag.

Have you told any of your friends about LILL?
I have told every purse loving woman I know about 1154 Lill. When the 50% for one day was offered, I made it my Facebook status AND tweeted about it. Some of my friends are thinking of having a party too, but probably in the spring, when all the snow is gone in Chicago.
Are there any other styles on your wish list?
Wendy and Sophie are on my current wish list. I love the Wendy because it's reversible and it's a great summer bag. I have 5 year old twins, so this would be a great bag for them and their things when we're out and about in the city. I am also a student and a small business owner, so the Sophie can be great when Maya is too much. Sophie can double as a purse when I'm off to a meeting, or hanging at the library or Starbucks. On those days, less is more, and Sophie is definitely more!

Anything else you’d like to mention?
I think the main thing I would like people to know about 1154 Lill is the customer service. The website is super easy to use and if you are in the Chicago area, the Lincoln Park location has a great staff. When I went in for the first time they immediately made me feel welcome and were as giddy as I was about building me a new "baby". My husband and twins were with me and they even made the experience fun for them! A true purse lover can also appreciate the workmanship of the bags. I didn't overly mind the three week wait because I knew it would be quality work. I am hoping that one day we will be able to combine some styles for even more customizability, but until then, Maya and Sandra will await the day when Wendy and Sophie come home with us!

Thanks Sidney!