Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky or Sweet?

Hey Lill Ladies!
Every year Halloween comes around and I struggle with the exact same issue...should I dress up as a gross/messy/scary character or go more along the lines of a cheerleader/tv character/ pop idol, etc? It seems to get even trickier as I get older because fewer costumes come in sizes fitting about 12+ year olds and way too often I fall in love with an idea that only a toddler could pull off! haha

Even though this may not be the best plan-of-attack, my take on this year's Halloween is to buy a great deal of candy, relax and spend all day with good friends, and hope that part-way through the day i have a "costume epiphany"...hopefully an outfit requiring no purchases, only arts and crafts ( I know it sounds a little high-maintenace, but give me a break-I'm a poor college kid!) will just appear in my mind and I will fall in love!

If worse comes to worse I will gladly put my feet up, turn on a spooky movie, and settle in with a large assortment of teeth-rotting goodies for the evening; I can easily appreciate all the elaborate costumes from my living room windows open to various local bars.

Whatever may happen I know it will be a very fun and festive weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween full of too much chocolate, great laughs, and safe spooky fun :)



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween at LILL

Here at LILL's headquarters we celebrate birthdays each month by having a big potluck. While the theme is usually determined by those celebrating birthday's that month, the theme for October is always Halloween...deviled eggs, pumpkin muffins, and lots of very creative dishes. This year we decided to vote on the scariest dish and our Cutting Department Associate, Katie Loncar, crushed the competition! Katie covered a plastic skull in deli meat (making it stick with jelly) and used it as the centerpiece of her cheese and cracker platter.

After potluck the whole gang designed their very own LILL accessory, and I decided that I was in dire need of a Halloween inspired Jasmine to decorate my living room couch. The stripe and ruffle on Jasmine are removable, so once Halloween is over I can keep the black and white pillow on my couch without the candy corn inspired accents.

Try designing your own Jasmine!