Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky or Sweet?

Hey Lill Ladies!
Every year Halloween comes around and I struggle with the exact same issue...should I dress up as a gross/messy/scary character or go more along the lines of a cheerleader/tv character/ pop idol, etc? It seems to get even trickier as I get older because fewer costumes come in sizes fitting about 12+ year olds and way too often I fall in love with an idea that only a toddler could pull off! haha

Even though this may not be the best plan-of-attack, my take on this year's Halloween is to buy a great deal of candy, relax and spend all day with good friends, and hope that part-way through the day i have a "costume epiphany"...hopefully an outfit requiring no purchases, only arts and crafts ( I know it sounds a little high-maintenace, but give me a break-I'm a poor college kid!) will just appear in my mind and I will fall in love!

If worse comes to worse I will gladly put my feet up, turn on a spooky movie, and settle in with a large assortment of teeth-rotting goodies for the evening; I can easily appreciate all the elaborate costumes from my living room windows open to various local bars.

Whatever may happen I know it will be a very fun and festive weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween full of too much chocolate, great laughs, and safe spooky fun :)



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