Friday, October 10, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week

Happy Friday!! I am so excited for this week's pick. This week's bag is an ANDI designed by Colleen S. Colleen chose the darling polka dotted Bowtie Weave for the exterior and strap of her ANDI. Colleen made a bold choice for the interior lining and strap attachers. She chose Turning Tulips which has a light red background with cream colored vertical stripes running through it and large cream tulips floating about. The polka dots will go with a lot of outfits and the Turning Tulips with add a pop of color and fun!

ANDI is one of LILL's most popular styles. ANDI is a great everyday bag. You can fit all of your daily essentials inside including your wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, makeup bag and much more! I have three custom made ANDI's. I just can't get enough of ANDI's hip, yet functional style.
Have a great weekend!
Emily R.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LILL's "Team Member of the Month"

October's Team Member of the Month award goes to....Candice G.! Assistant Manager for the LILL on Location department.

Candice is known for being one of HQ’s brightest stars. She is quick witted, creative and always a team player. Whether it's answering emails at 1:00 am, adding fun games or themes to the monthly potluck she is constantly going the extra mile and delivers great results. Her humor and positive energy effortlessly infect all who work with her to push a little further. Some recent accomplishments that were noted to award this honor to Candice were, her help with the sample bags for the Sample Sale held at LILL's HQ, always being available to LILL reps and her notable lead in the social committee over the last few months. She is very organized, dedicated and always willing to help out to get things done.

Bravo Candice- job well done!

Candice has been with LILL for 3 years, let's get to know her by learning of her favorite things and more! As she is outgoing and willing to share fun tid-bits about herself, I think everyone will enjoy learning more about her.

Where are you originally from? I was born at Good Samaritan hospital in Downers Grove, Il – I’ll give them a plug because they have cable with on demand movies and really good quesadillas w/ GUACAMOLE! I now live in Naperville; it is glorious. We just got a Loehmann’s and Nordstrom Rack right next to each other.

Favorite LILL style? I love JANE! She’s little but does sooo much… like an Olsen twin. I love to attach JANE to my AUDREY because she she’s perfect to use at the casino. Audrey fits all of my players club cards from the casino, my id, and my winnings in her and I can hook my Audrey Jane to my pants loop when I go to the buffet.

Top 3 fabric picks: Tiger Lily, Snow Leopard & Viva Las Vegas

What do you love most about working for LILL?
Being employee of the month… and the people! It’s a super cool company and I love my job but the people are definitely what make working for LILL so amazing. It’s hard to even use the word co-worker because I consider the majority of people here my most bestest friends. Oh, and did I mention I love my boss, Kate? Love you, Kate (the Great). It never hurts to give your boss a plug.

Nickname: Actually, instead of a nickname I’d like to lengthen my name so people have to use the full thing every time. Candice Adeline Gatlin. It sound much more regal and if movie stars can do it, I should certainly be allowed. And No, I have no nickname but for the 9 months prior to my birth my parents told everyone I would be named Danielle. But, while my mom was in labor (and probably after they received gifts with the name Danielle embroidered on them) my parents decided they were sick of the name Danielle. Subsequently, while my Mom was trying to birth me my Daddio was watching David Letterman (my fave!) and Candice Bergen was on… they went with that. I’m guessing I probably came pretty close to being Murphy Brown too.

Favorite musician and band: I love, love, love Kings of Leon, Louis XIV, Damien Rice, and M.I.A. but my all time faves are Dolly Parton, Cher, and Michael Jackson. Ooh! And I love Madonna because she does what she wants and doesn’t take guff from anyone- the way I live my life.

Where did you last go on vacation? VEGAS BABY!!! Well, I also drive to my Michigan casino every other weekend to gamble but that’s more of a compulsion than a vacation. Buffets or bust!

Anything else fun you’d like to share? Hmmm…I’m stuck somewhere between “where do I start” and “I could go on forever”.

More fun facts about Candice!
-My celebrity crushes are Bill Murray and David Letterman. Nothing gets me more than a really old guy with 45 years worth of jokes under his belt.
-I have a son; he is a cat. His name is Homer Spider-man X-rat Cat Gatlin-Kelly. Though he answers to many other names, among his favorites are Baby Pepper Steak and Peabo Bryson (or Peabs for short). Homer had an unfortunate syndrome last year and had to undergo a very stressful (and expensive) surgery that many would consider a sex change. Don’t worry, he’s still my little handsome man.
-I’ve never lost an argument and I’ve never been wrong.
-I drive a hybrid car and am a member of the Go Green Committee at Lill HQ. Go Green; Go Prius!
-If I weren’t at Lill I would love to be a medical examiner, crypto zoologist, or a critic- I have lot’s of opinions and they’re all valid and correct.
-If I were a Muppet I would be a mix between Miss Piggy and Animal because I’m super into myself (seriously, I would marry myself) and because I look (and may just be) crazy like Animal- same hair do and everything.
-I have a TLP project, it stands for time lapse photography and it consists of me standing in pretty much the same spot everyday and taking a picture of myself while I document the number day. I started it on January 1st of this year and plan on continuing forever… or until I forget to take a picture. I think I’m going to make a calendar at the end of the year with my photo from that day on the previous year on every day and then give them out as gifts to family, friends, and strangers.
-I love reality tv. I want my own tv show; it would be awesome and would defo top the Hills.
-I am a vegetarian… but I love meat. I mean I LOVE it. I became a vegetarian a few months ago after talking with one of our LA LILL on Location reps, Jenny W., about all things green and eco friendly and realizing the effect that farming too many cows has on the environment. I miss meat so much though. When packages arrive at HQ from Texas they always smell like tender, succulent, delicious meat and I like to curb my cravings by sniffing the boxes.
-Though I am not a fan of children, I have a deep love for the show Jon & Kate plus 8. Beyond them making me infinitely happy, my favorite thing about the show is that no matter how many children they have, they treat each of them equally.
-I have a grainy YouTube video from a night at the roller derby when I won a riotous game of extreme musical chairs. That’s me at the end being swept off my feet with a chair and tackled by roller derby gal Megan Formor.

-I love Thai food. I got the logo for my favorite Thai food restaurant tattooed on me…3 times. It’s really good.
-My favorite video games are Dance Dance Revolution and Centipede; I am amazing at both.
-I am a Brookfield Zoo member and I love learning about animals. If I were an animal, I would most likely be a Utahraptor or a Megaladon shark because I’m wicked cool, crafty, and cunning.
-I am uber interested in serial killers. Ed Gein is my fave though his status as a “serial” killer is debatable.
-Though I love my look, if I had to choose a celebrity to look like I would be stuck in tie between Nicole Richie, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci, and Victoria Beckham

I hope you all had fun in the joy of getting to know Candice. Now you all can see what a pleasure it is to work with such a fun and unique individual as we her at LILL get to experience each day.

-Lilly S.