Friday, December 19, 2008

Featured 'LILL Girl' - Meet Hillary!

Some LILL Fans have just discovered the joy that is creating your own handbag and others have been long time dedicated, die-hard fans who spread the word to anyone and everyone no matter what state you are in. With that, I'd like to introduce you to Hillary, an ER nurse. Her love for LILL began in 2004 when she was a student nurse in Chicago at the Children's Memorial Hospital ER and would walk by Lill everyday on her way to work.

She was one of 30 attendees who attended a LILL on Location party in Seattle. She has a great history with LILL and fun stories to share.

Hillary is originally from Fremont MI, lived in Chicago for a few years, and has since been in Seattle for about two and a half years.

Let's get to know Hillary and share in her fantastic journey of becoming a "LILL Girl".
"I was a student nurse in Chicago at the Children's Memorial Hospital ER and would walk by Lill everyday on my way to work, since I actually lived on Lill Street. I told myself that when I graduated and started working I would buy a "work bag" with my first pay check. I ended up working at the Children's Memorial ER for two more years and carried Pamela with me every day. So total now I've been a "Lill Girl" for close to five years!

The Seattle Children's Hospital Lill madness began the first day I went to work with my new Hadley, which I had just picked up during a trip back to Chicago. Since that day I have found my bag missing with ransom notes left, and other nurses walking around holding onto the bag. Despite work's "no Internet rule", I can usually spot one of the nurses at all times with the Lill website open or minimized at the bottom. When my good friend Sara, hosted the Lill party for our work, over 30 women showed up, and it's still the talk of the ER. "

Let's get to know Hillary by learning of her favorite things!

Hobbies or activities you enjoy doing? "Lately my husband and I have had some serious Monopoly matches, other than that I love to shop, drink coffee, hang out with friends and travel."

How many LILL Bags do you own? "I think 7, but Carolina should be arriving any day now. That doesn't include all of the bags I purchased as gifts though, my bridesmaids loved them!"

Favorite LILL Bag style? "Right now it's probably HADLEY, with my BRIDGET being a close second."

Top 3 fabric picks:
Spring Sprigs, Yellow Stone and Ring Around the Rosie. All different bags of course.

If you were crowned the Queen of LILL for the day, what would you do?
“If I were owner for a day of LILL I would do nothing more than design design design!!! I will always love my Lill bags, but the actual process of designing them is my favorite part!"

Thanks for sharing your great stories with us, Hillary! It was fun getting to know you and we look forward to creating with you again real soon!
-Lilly S.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December LILL Team Memeber of the Month!

December's LILL Team Member of the Month is.....Alexandra A. from LILL's HQ Cutting department! You may also recognize her from an earlier post.

Alexandra is from Mundelein, IL and joined the LILL team in February of 2008. She also works as our Jr. Fabric Associate and works with the Design team. She exudes a feeling of teamwork and positivity. She is known for being a speedy worker and a joy to work with. Alexandra’s hard work ethic, as displayed in her assistance with the new fabric system and dedication during the busy period of the cutting department, influences those around her to push a little harder in all that they do. Whether in cutting or design, Alexandra is always giving her all, learning and implementing as much as she can and always willing to share what she has learned with others.

Let's get to know Alexandra!

Favorite LILL style?
HADLEY…I already have 2!

Top 3 fabric picks:
Tomato Faux Suede, Higan Bloom, Fruity Pebbles (This is my all-time fav!)

What do you love most about working for LILL?
"That all day long I get to look at purses and think about what I’m going to purchase next!"

Nickname: "For the most part I go by Alexandra, but my brother and the girls at the restaurant I work at all just call me Al."

Favorite bands or music genre?
"I am a long time lover of the band Green Day but also hold all genres of Spanish music very close to my heart!"

Where did you last vacation?
T"o Huatulco, Mexico almost two years ago."

Anything else fun you’d like to share?
"I love to sing out loud at work and annoy all the girls by knowing every song that is on the radio no matter what station we are listening to lol!"

Thanks for sharing your fun info with us, Alexandra! It was a pleasure to get to know you better and is truly a joy to work with you.

-Lilly S.