Friday, July 2, 2010

Life as a LILL Intern

Hey LILL Community!
My name is Becca Heitz and I am pumped to be the new Social Media & Ecommerce intern here at 1154 LILL Studio!

To tell you a “LILL” about me… I grew up in Naperville, IL and I came to the city for college- to break out of the whole suburban lifestyle. I will be a junior at DePaul University this fall and I’m majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. I am a member of DePaul’s PRSSA chapter (Public Relations Student Society of America) and it has opened many doors for me including networking, various agency visits and workshops on professional careers in PR and Advertising.

Aside from my professional direction in life, I love singing and acting and I’ve been doing both since I was very LILL =) A great thing about living in Chicago is easy access to BROADWAY Chicago. In my opinion, LIVE theatre beats that new 3-D approach to entertainment. If you’re in town GO to the THEATRE! You won’t regret it!!

I am so excited to have this internship for the summer! On my first day, I felt very welcomed at LILL. I was introduced to the whole LILL staff including all the people working hard on the production side of things in the cutting and sewing departments (I don’t know how they do it!) The whole process amazes me - and they do everything right here in this building! I was also treated to lunch on my first day (very grateful for that and it beat the PB & J sandwich I brought). I got to meet the other interns and sat in on a meeting where they pitched a new bag idea and it was very cool to see their professional approach and helpful insight into how to appeal to college students. They are all so sweet and I can’t wait to see what fun ideas they are brewing up!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Design Update

Here at LILL we’re always working at least one season ahead, so we’re already making decisions about which new styles we’ll be releasing early next year. While we always look to our customers for input, our staff proves to be a great resource for getting feedback on our prototypes for upcoming releases. Currently the LILL staffers are testing out Maya, a bag we’ll be releasing this August that serves as a great everyday bag for work or class. Its clean lines allow you to choose some wild fabrics (if that’s your thing), or you can keep it classic with some tried and true combos, like black and white. Maya has three fabric choices for the exterior of the bag and an interior offered in our standard nylon, making it easy to clean after you inevitably spill the contents of your lunch. With a total of 7 pockets and some pocket slots to store your pens or makeup, Maya promises to keep you organized. Its larger size accommodates an oversized laptop and its removable base allows you to use it when you see fit. We hope you love it and find Maya to be your new go-to LILL bag.

After an exciting six months of releases (have you seen the LINKS collection yet?) we still have the second half of the year to look forward to. We have a few more styles up our sleeves, but you’ll have to stay tuned for some more sneak peeks!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

LILL on Location

Can you believe we have reached the week of Fourth of July holiday already? This summer has been flying by so far and all of us here at LILL have been trying to pack our weekends full of Chicago summer fun.

I know summer is supposed to be all about great outdoor activities and soaking up the summer sun, but there are days – like when the temperature is recorded in triple digits and it’s so humid your hair develops a personality all of its own – that you and your friends just need something to do indoors. Those sorts of hot summer days are perfect for a LILL party – you get to be with your friends, do something creative, pass judgment on each others bag designs (or is it just my friends who do that?) and it can all happen in cool, air-conditioned comfort. Add some frozen margaritas and some tasty black bean/mango salsa (it’s crazy good!) and you’ve got a perfect summer girlfriend get together.

How can you make this happen? Just request a party. Our LILL on Location handbag party program has Reps in cities all across the country and they often have exclusive specials and offers for the party guests. This July, for instance, the LILL Reps are offering an extra $50 discount to all returning hostesses and that’s in addition to July’s “Buy One, Get One at 25% Off!” promo. That makes for some pretty sweet deals to be had all July long.

So instead of just watching those summer temps climb higher and higher and wondering what you can do to stay cool, go ahead and put in your request for a LILL party. Invite your friends and prepare to score some hot summer deals with our LILL on Location Reps.

See you this July!


LILL Bit about the Summer Interns

LILL is excited to introduce you to three of our summer interns!

Hey LILLers!

My name is Sibei, I am one of the summer marketing interns for 1154 LILL Studio and cannot be any more excited for a summer filled with fashion, colors, designs and friendship with the other interns!

My first impression of LILL was how all the colors, prints, and shapes popped out and brought out the extra-girliness and femininity hidden within me. All of the bags and fabric samples totally hyped up my creative juices. Not to mention everyone here is super nice, fun, and colorful, just like the totes bags we sell!

This Spring I attended the University of Chicago Women in Business Conference and met Jen, the founder of LILL. As she was talking about her business, I became engaged in the idea of designing your own bag and especially liked how the company represents women empowerment. I decided that LILL is not only a place to gain marketing, design, and entrepreneurial experience, but is also a place where I could work in a field I love (I know it may sound cheesy, but it’s true!).


My name is Alison Heine and I am one of the new marketing interns at 1154 LILL Studio. LILL is such a great company and an amazing place to get some practical marketing and fashion experience at the same time. The fun colors, prints and designs of LILL bags definitely reflect the personalities of everyone here!
I recently graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans. The past four years of my life consisted of meeting amazing friends, enjoying the Big Easy, as well as graduating with high honors in Marketing, Management and Sociology. After my internship with LILL I am headed off to Sydney, Australia to work, travel, and have the time of my life before I really have to head into the real world.
Now that I am at LILL, the other interns and I are focusing on exposing the company and their great bags to the college market. During our amazing summer internship we will keep you updated with new designs, fun happenings, and other news at LILL.


Hello ladies!!!! My name is DeVonna and I am one of theMarketing Interns at LILL. I’m entering my junior year at Syracuse University with a double major in Marketing and Human Resources (lots of work!).I am SUPER excited to be here for 8 weeks!!! Because I am a college student, I have a great insight and a fresh outlook on how LILL can reach the college market. This should be a really fun project and an awesome experience for me, not to mention the great networking and connections I am gaining.

On my first day I got to suggest fabrics for the “Erinn” clutch to be used in a showroom for celebrity stylists to choose from. It was so much fun because I actually got to be involved in the design aspect of the business. So far, I am enjoying being part of the team here. Everyone in the office is so friendly, and I admire their professional mannerisms as well. The interior design of the office is really fun and creative! My favorite thing about interning at LILL is getting exposure in the fashion industry. I’ve always LOVED handbags/accessories (I’m borderline obsessed). I have over 75 handbags and totes, so learning more about the design and production sides of the business is an added bonus. During my internship I hope to learn more about the trends in fashion accessories and how they change over time.

So you will be hearing from us lots more throughout the next few weeks. We are all absolutely ECSTACTIC to be interning at LILL!!!