Thursday, July 1, 2010

Design Update

Here at LILL we’re always working at least one season ahead, so we’re already making decisions about which new styles we’ll be releasing early next year. While we always look to our customers for input, our staff proves to be a great resource for getting feedback on our prototypes for upcoming releases. Currently the LILL staffers are testing out Maya, a bag we’ll be releasing this August that serves as a great everyday bag for work or class. Its clean lines allow you to choose some wild fabrics (if that’s your thing), or you can keep it classic with some tried and true combos, like black and white. Maya has three fabric choices for the exterior of the bag and an interior offered in our standard nylon, making it easy to clean after you inevitably spill the contents of your lunch. With a total of 7 pockets and some pocket slots to store your pens or makeup, Maya promises to keep you organized. Its larger size accommodates an oversized laptop and its removable base allows you to use it when you see fit. We hope you love it and find Maya to be your new go-to LILL bag.

After an exciting six months of releases (have you seen the LINKS collection yet?) we still have the second half of the year to look forward to. We have a few more styles up our sleeves, but you’ll have to stay tuned for some more sneak peeks!

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