Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Party with Lilly!

The holidays have ended and winter is truly present. I'm starting to go through withdrawal and am missing the togetherness with friends and family that the holidays brought.

Instead of sitting around and feeling badly, I've decided to host an at home handbag party! What a great way to spend time with the folks you miss so much while at the same time designing your very own LILL Bag! I need an update to my wardrobe and LILL has just brought in some beautiful spring fabrics.

The LILL on Location reps are so friendly and fun! Plus they offer stylist advice and walk you through the designing process. So you don't have to feel intimidated when it comes to designing your LILL Bag.

I'd like you to meet Kere, LILL's DC area LILL on Location representative.
As you can tell from her photo, she has a serious LILL Bag obsession which isn't a bad thing!

3 Top Fabric Picks:
Dotted Tuxedo, Posie Patch, Matador Floral

Favorite Style:
Standard Favorite: ANDI
New Favorite: HADLEY (of course!) and BRIDGET

What’s in the bag?
AMY (to hold a digital camera), AMY (filled with change, hair bands, Chapstick, Tylenol, floss) ANNE (filled with receipts and coupons), LIZ (filled with credit cards, cash, pictures, checks), LILL brochures, car keys, brush, powder, pen, gum and tissues. It’s very organized!

Fun Facts!
* My 18 month-old daughter, Hadley Bree, was born on July 4th! An Independence Baby!
* My real name is Kereth (pronounced Kureeth). In my 26 years, I have yet to meet
another one!
* Aside from being a LILL Rep, having a full time job in the federal sector, and being a wife/mother; I spend my extra time cross stitching, doing the monthly newsletter for my alum Sorority Group (Alpha Omicron Pi), and being involved as the Advertising Chair for my Women in Business Group.

New Years Resolution:
Get back into athletics, whether it be lacrosse, diving or taking a Hip Hop dance class!

What I love about being a LILL Rep:
Getting the first look at the new fabrics every two weeks! Being able to meet TONS of fun, interesting people at parties and learning from them, fabric combinations I would never have thought of.

Kere is just one of the many friendly at party representatives that 1154 LILL has nation wide. Book your party today and make a new friend!

Lilly S.