Thursday, August 21, 2008

LILL's "Team Member of the Month"

Each month at LILL’s HQ we get to vote on an employee that has made a great presence and impacted LILL in a special way.

August's 'Team Member of the Month' is LILL’s accountant, LIZ K.

She was voted by LILL HQ team members because she is ethical, professional, nice and a pleasure to work with, she has made great strides that have helped us all. She learned, very quickly, the culture of LILL and everyday has continued to find ways to improve and make a positive impact on the LILL work environment. In addition, she is also a part of LILL’s ‘Go Green’ committee, which has made great leaps in making our HQ environmentally friendly.

Liz is friendly, easy going and positive and we are delighted to have Liz on the LILL team!

Liz is originally from Cincinnati, OH., she has worked for LILL just shy under one year now.

Let's get to know Liz:

Favorite LILL style?
SOPHIE – it’s the perfect size for everyday use, has tons of interior pockets, and I love the adjustable strap. I’m always adjusting it on the go, depending on what I’m doing or carrying.

Top 3 fabric picks:
Jungle Twill – It’s such an appealing shade of green and also a very durable fabric.
“Fall” in Love – I love the rich fall colors.
Tangerine Dream – I just got a CONNOR in it.

What do you love most about working for LILL?
I’m the accountant, so my days are filled with numbers, numbers, and more numbers. I love that I can just walk out of my office and be in the midst of so much creativity and fun – and, of course, handbags.

Liz is a nickname. My parents intended to call me Elizabeth, but I decided when I was little that it was too long – so I chose Liz and made everyone call me that until it stuck.

Favorite band:
Bright Eyes

Where did you last go on vacation?
Northern Michigan, where my sister lives. We hiked, canoed, and went to a minor-league baseball game.

Favorite thing about LILL bags:
I’m a vegetarian, and I do wear leather shoes, etc., but I try to avoid it as much as possible. Before I discovered LILL, I could never find non-leather bags that were durable, practical, and – most importantly – attractive. LILL quickly solved that problem! Now I have a great fabric bag for every occasion and never have to resort to my old leather ones. Thanks LILL!

Thank you for all you do for LILL, Liz!

-Lilly S.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best Customer - Winner!

We sponsored a little contest here recently at LILL HQ and asked our wonderful LILL on Location Reps to nominate their customer whom they thought was one of the best LILL on Location customers out there. We are pleased to announce that Charity E., from Cleveland, OH was chosen as the winner!

Charity was nominated by Cara P., one of our two Cleveland Reps. Cara said Charity really stood out in her mind because she was such a creative hostess. She is unique and fun and so her LILL parties are, too. She makes her parties creative events and her enthusiasm carries over to her guests. Charity wears her LILL bags everywhere and is always happy to spread the word about LILL to new people. Check out the pictures of Charity’s most recent party which featured purse-shaped cakes and The Devil Wears Prada being shown in the background. What fun!
To get to know Charity a bit better we asked her a few LILL questions...
(Charity pictured below on the left)

1. What is your favorite LILL bag style? ERINN

2. How did you discover LILL Bags? My younger sister had one, she lives in Washington DC, had gone to a party. I looked “lill” up online and the following month hosted my own purse soiree!

3. What attracted you to LILL and hosting a LILL party? The fabrics were stylish, the styles clean and simple. It was a creative event, not like other home parties. Unique results.

4. What are two unusual items likely to be found on your purse?
Produce. I always seem to have a banana or mini-carrots. And tickets, I keep all of my concert/show/sporting event tickets in my purse for awhile. I pull them out and reminisce, it makes me happy!

Congratulations to you, Charity! It’s customers like you that make working with LILL so much fun!

-Kate G., LILL on Location Director