Friday, August 15, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week

Emily's pick of the week this week is…..HADLEY!!
This over-sized, slouchy hobo makes a great statement for Fall.

This one was designed by Mary J. from Naperville, IL.

The exterior is fun and bouncy with the whimsical black and cream Ink Swirls fabric. The strap is complimentary with the black and white polka dotted Bowtie Weave. The strap accent adds a pop of color in the pink Rhubarb Weave. The interior is black in color, but it has a pattern of circles on it. Fun! This bag is adorable and although it has neutral colors such as black and cream, it still really gets noticed because of the fun patterns.

If you like the Ink Swirls pattern, take a look at our Emerald City fabric. It’s the same pattern in different colors! A LESLIE would look great in that fabric.

Thank you and check back next week to see if your LILL Bag is famous!
- Emily R.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Favorite Customers

With LILL not only are you creating one-of-a-kind handbags, but you are creating memories that last. It's not only the product that makes LILL the fun and dynamic company it is today, but the people who create with us. The thing we love most here at LILL, is sharing the experience with you!

This week we are highlighting Michelle P., a favorite customer of Emily R., the LILL on Location rep for the Chicago Southwest Suburbs. Here's what Emily R. has to say about Michelle P.:

"I have a customer named Michelle P. who is the best LILL on Location customer in the world!
I met Michelle when she hosted a LILL on Location party in September 2007. Michelle is a friendly and upbeat person. She immediately made me feel welcome in her home. I had only been a LOL rep for about one month and Michelle made me feel confident in my presentation skills. I realized at Michelle’s party just how much fun it can be to be a LOL rep! Michelle had such a lovely group of guests. I was able to talk about LILL and everyone was so attentive and interested! Then, the ladies proceeded to order over 20 bags. I couldn't’t believe it. Michelle ordered 5 bags herself! Michelle designed all of her bags with a unique twist to suit her personality. Michelle just loves LILL. In fact, she’s hosting another LOL party with me at the end of July. Michelle and her husband are expecting their first baby in September. I can’t wait for Michelle to see our SUSAN style. I know that she will love it!

Michelle and I have kept in touch over this past year. She has even referred a few of her friends to me. I credit Michelle with showing me that I can be an extremely successful LOL rep. She just made me feel so lucky to be able to talk to her and her guests about LILL. "

Thank you for sharing your story of your special friendship you found as a LILL on Location rep, Emily! This truly shows how LILL is about not only creating handbags, but creating memories and friendships to last.

-Lilly S.