Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily's Pick of the Week ~ All Kinds of LILL Fans!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd focus on something a little bit different this week for my pick of the week. My name is Emily, and I work for Customer Care at 1154 LILL's website. I am also a LILL On Location rep for the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Through both of my jobs with LILL, I am fortunate to work with amazing customers. I have the opportunity to answer questions for people about LILL bags and fabrics. I adore working with customers to help them design their own unique LILL bag. I love helping people pick out coordinating fabrics. There is something so exciting about designing your own LILL bag. I clearly remember the day that I designed my first LILL bag! I went to the Chicago boutique with my Mom and sister-in-law. We had so much fun picking out our favorite style and then searching through the fabrics for the best combination. I loved spending time with my family designing my first LILL bag. Every time I use my first LILL bag, it reminds me of my family and the wonderful time that we had designing together.
I have been a LILL fan for several years. After I desinged my first LILL bag back in 2006, I started to notice more people with LILL bags. Now that I have worked for LILL for awhile, I can spot a LILL bag a mile away! I always get so excited when I see someone with a LILL bag. I have spotted LILL bags in so many places: at the grocery store, at Corner Bakery, at a Dar Williams Concert in Chicago, at Walgreens, etc. I even saw a woman carrying her LILL bag on a television spot about a red carpet event for the movie Dark Knight last summer! I was so excited when I spotted that bag! Whenever I see someone with a LILL bag, I always go up to them and tell them how much I love their LILL bag. I am always carrying my own LILL bag at the time, so we usually strike up a conversation about LILL and how much we love our bags.

Since I am a LILL On Location rep, I have a suitcase filled with fabric swatches and LILL sample bags. Before every LILL party, I organize my bags and fabrics. One day, while I was busy organizing my things, I noticed that there was another LILL fan in my home besides me. My darling dog, Gandalf, settled in amongst my bags and fabric. Ever since that day, he loves when I pull out my LILL kit. Thanks for being a loyal LILL fan! Keep your eyes open for other LILL fans...they're everywhere!!

LILL's Inauguration Celebration!

This past Tuesday was a great day in America and a great moment for American history. President-Elect Barack Obama was sworn in as our our country's 44th president.

To celebrate the festivities, LILL HQ team members did what we do best, hosted our monthly potluck! While the Inauguration Ceremony was displayed on the kitchen TV, tasty treats such as red, white and blue decorated cup cakes and cookies were served along with Barack Obama cookies!

In the spirit of the newly elected prez, we had our own election for the LILLie Awards! LILL HQ team members voted on categories from Best Dressed to Best Know for Leadership and more.

The LILLie Awards Ceremony was sponsored by the Social Committee. Amy F. and Candice G. presented the winners with their certificates.

Here are the results from our election:

1 – Best Dressed

Shared by 3 Team Members:

Jen - of course, she's the founder and president of 1154 LILL

Candice - LILL on Location Assistant Manager

Alexandra - Cutting Team Associate

2- Warmest Smile

Kari - Cutting Team Associate
Won this award for obvious reasons - Her smile lights up any room!

3 – Most likely to end up with 7 kids

Jen - she's already on baby #3 so well on her way to #7!

4 – Most Adventurous

An outgoing gal with a contagious laugh!

5 – Funniest

Candice - for the 2nd consecutive year!

6 – Best Known for Leadership

Jen - LILL's own commander-in-chief

7 – Would like to have for your sibling in another life

Candice - her 3rd LILLie Award. She is the funniest and best dressed, so who wouldn't love to have her for a sister?

8 – Miss or Mister Congeniality

9 – Best Potluck Contributors
Shared with several employees, our potlucks are the best for a reason!
Mike - Production Manager
Adrienne - Senior Fabric Associate

10 – Employee of the Year!

Amy - featured here giving her acceptance speech. "Working with such wonderful people everyday is an award in itself".

We hope you enjoyed catching a behind the seams glimpse of our Inauguration Celebration.
In this new year there is a feeling of new hope and change. We look forward to enjoying and celebrating a fresh new start with you all.
-Lilly S.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bridal Contest - Winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of LILL’s Bridal Contest for 2008!
So many stories and photos were sent in and we here at the LILL HQ had a wonderful time getting to know all you LILL Girls out there a little better. We were delighted to see how LILL helped make your wedding day special.

1st Place Winner of the $100 LILL Gift Certificate – Angie W.!

2nd Place Winner of the $75 LILL Gift Certificate – Melissa K.!

3rd Place Winner of the $50LILL Gift Certificate – Nikole J.!

Thanks again to our brides who submitted their stories and photos and thanks for making LILL a part of your big day.
Congrats to the winners and have fun creating your next LILL Bag!

-Lilly S.