Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Week's Team Members

Only one week away until Turkey Day is finally here! It's also a time to reflect on what we're thankful for; family, friendships, and lower gas prices? At LILL we are most thankful for the people we work with everyday. It seems whenever I ask the question "why do you love about working for LILL?", there is a common answer "the people I work with...". There is a reason for that common answer, all LILL employees seem to have the same kind, dedicated and hard working nature that truly creates a great recipe for a solid team.

Now meet some more, wonderful, fun, give you a tooth-ache they're so sweet, LILL Team Members:

Meet Monica W., LILL's Office Manager

Favorite Style: SOPHIE
What do you love about working for LILL?
"That everyone has some kind of creative energy. And that most everything is a democracy, we vote or have discussions on everything! :~)"

Meet April D., LILL's Design Associate

Favorite Style: "CORA & SOPHIE, but the backpack we are currently working on might top the cake!"
What do you love about working for LILL?
"The open community of ideas. We are able to express our creativity and bounce ideas off of each other openly. LILL loves creativity!"

Meet Danielle B., AKA “Dani”, LILL's Junior Software Developer
Favorite Style: DONNA
What do you love about working for LILL?
"I’ve only been here a short time, but I love the work I’m dong – and the people! Everyone is so nice and a lot of fun! Also, the environment in general – it’s laid back, not corporate and annoying. I love it!"

I hope you enjoyed getting to know LILL's team this week. Check back next week for more featured LILL people and more!

-Lilly S.

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