Friday, November 21, 2008


In the past couple of months I've received a few catalogs from J.Crew. I have loved their current collection so much that I simply can't throw the magazines away. It is even more ridiculous in that I as I peruse the catalogs, I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and have no chance of being able to wear much of what they feature this season. Nonetheless, I still covet the clothes.

What I have been struck by is the upscale elegance they have seamlessly intertwined into their line along side their traditional casual weekend wear. The result is a look I love - beautiful tailored jackets layered over tops and jewelry that are both playful and sophisticated. The color palette they have chosen for their line this season is right up my alley as well - optimistic, tonal, and complimentary in nature.

An 1154 LILL bag is the perfect companion to top off this stylish look that has inspired my picks for this month. If I could only wear one of the blazers…..I would definitely wear it with LILL's ERINN clutch for evening in "Coming up Daisies" or LILL's DREA reversible everyday bag in "Lipstick Jungle" and "Cosmo Tweed," as these bags combine some of my favorite fabrics and looks for fall. This season, why not dress up that traditional casual with a little upscale elegance? 1154 LILL Studio can help you design the perfect accent to your new look.

This picture shows some products from J.Crew along side our ERINN in Coming UP Daisies and was created using a really cool site called Polyvore. The site lets you take products from various vendors and put together looks / outfits. What a great way for you to tell your significant other EXACTLY what you want for the holidays. Check it out yourself at

Happy designing!

Jen Velarde
Founder / President - 1154 LILL STUDIO

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