Monday, November 17, 2008

Team Member of the Month!

November’s Team Member of the Month is….Alex A.!
Yes, LILL does have some male employees!

Alex has been a tremendous help in so many projects and in every department of LILL HQ and beyond. He is known for being innovative in his thinking of project solutions especially to make them time efficient. Alex has always been distinguished by his great work ethic and willingness to help even when extremely busy. Kind, knowledgeable, even tempered, patient (especially for working in an environment of mostly women), consistent and positive are some of the things that were used to describe Alex in the votes submitted. He has done an outstanding job!

Alex is originally from Fresno, CA and has been with our Tech Team for the past 1 and ½ years.
Let's get to know Alex, you can see why we here at LILL enjoy working with him.

Favorite style: HADLEY

Top 3 fabric picks:

Hitchcock Roses, Bubble Gum Linen, Manatee Faux Suede

What do you love most about working for LILL?

The people I work with, a fun bunch of funny bunnies

Nickname? Al (short for Alex)

Favorite type of music: Every type of music, viva eclectica!

Where did you last go on vacation? Berlin, Germany.

Have a fun story you'd like to share?

My name in Latin means leader of man, which can't be true because I get lost all the time. Once while camping I went wandering and couldn't find my way back, so was forced to sleep outside the whole night, like a failure. I woke up in the morning about 6 feet away from my tent.

Thanks, Alex! You are truly a joy to work with.

-Lilly S.

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