Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week's Employees

Last week you met our 3 “models” from our website’s home page. Now meet some more behind the scenes folks that work hard everyday to ensure you truly love your LILL Bag.

Meet Adrienne S., Senior Fabric Associate Design Dept.
Favorite Style: ANDI and PAULA
"I love all the creative minds and seeing how a bag comes together. I also like that it is a mostly women run company. It is very inspiring. It is a great work environment and I never dread going to work."
Fun Fact: The ADRIENNE bag is named after this very Adrienne!

Meet Donna C.,
Parts & Pieces Associate
Favorite Style: MOLLY & DONNA of course.
"I work with an awesome team. I love how I have learned so many areas of the company.
Our potlucks are the best ever."
Fun Fact: The DONNA bag is named after this very Donna!

Meet Brayan N., Shipping Associate
Favorite Style: "If I were to be a girl, I would say the AUDREY JANE would be my favorite. It would have a Lux Tux exterior and fairy dust for the JANE."
"What I love about working at LILL is that it’s very motivating. I have learned so much and I enjoy working with my co-workers."

It was great getting to know this week's highlighted LILL team members. Check back soon for more fun posts from LILL's owner and see what Emily's pick of the week will be this week. Your LILL Bag could be famous!
-Lilly S.