Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Jasmine!

After months of a cold, gray winter, there is nothing like the summer sun. I love putting away my drab winter wear and pulling out my bright sundresses and flip-flops. I want to look as summery as I feel—and I want my house to look summery, too!

This year, I started by doing a little spring cleaning and clearing all the clutter from my shelves and drawers. Bye bye, dustbunnies! Then, to bring in a pop of color and summertime sun, I created a few of my very own Jasmine pillows. This fluffy pillow is the perfect size to dress up a living room or toss on the bed for a little extra color and flair!

In keeping with my bright, summertime theme I created a couple of Jasmines for my living room, in Pear Faux Suede and with a ruffle of Sandstone. I created another set with a Cocktail Paisley print and a Pear Faux Suede ruffle.

For my daughter’s bedroom, I wanted to create a couple of Jasmines in colors that would really pop. I helped her to choose Rosita with a Strawberry Daiquiri ruffle as well as strawberry Daiquiri with a pucker up stripe and a cocktail paisley ruffle. She loves how pretty and girly the room is now, and I love that it encourages her to make the bed!

In my bedroom, I wanted the theme to be a little more tranquil and peaceful, so I opted for Aruba for the exterior of the pillow, and then I chose Robin’s Egg Blue for the ruffle and for the second pillow, I chose the cornflower leaves with the blue belle stripe. The blue reminds me of the ocean, and I go to bed every night dreaming of my upcoming vacation to Mexico!