Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July's Team Member of the Month!

And the much deserved honor goes to the lovely Sandra N.!

Sandra is always wiling to help with the cutting machine and always there to answer questions. She is a great problem solver and team leader and has valuable ideas on how to improve efficiency. She has great knowledge about LILL from past to present. All this and she is fun, friendly and great to talk to as well! Sandra is known for her ability to take on many roles at LILL and you can usually find her working in our cutting, quality assurance, or shipping departments... sometimes all at the same time! Thanks for everything Sandra!

Let's get to know the woman of hour...

Where are you originally from? The Chi

How long have you been with LILL? I started as a seasonal worker when I was 18 in the winter of 05. Then I left and came back as a seasonal worker (I think in the spring or summer of 06) and that turned into a part time job. After about less than a yr of that I decided to become full-time.

Favorite LILL style? I like the sophie, and smaller items like connor and jane. Big bags get in my way.

Top 2 fabric picks: Right now I like Tucan Leaves and Charcoal.

What do you love most about working for LILL? Working with my family, and the ppl Ive gotten to know well.

Do you have a nickname? A couple, they're in Spanish though.

Favorite musician, band or music genre: I enjoy latin music the most.

Where did you last go on vacation? Wisconsin…..I went camping, and I came back home with an ugly bloodshot spot on my neck (idk what bit me).

Anything else fun you’d like to share? I love to dance, work out, and I'm studying to be a chemist (hopefully a rockin' one because I'm smart).

Another fun fact about Sandra is that she's a very gifted artist (as shown below with one of her paintings on canvas).