Monday, March 1, 2010

Winner # 4

Our fourth party host winner is Alex Brown. We had a little email mix up, so it took a little longer to get her notified and get her responses to our questions... But, she was thrilled to hear that she had won our drawing after hosting a party with our San Francisco rep, Jenn. The bags ordered at her party were just received by her guests and were met with rave reviews! One of the attendees at her party loved it so much she just hosted her own this past Thursday. Here are Alex's responses to our questions:

How did you first hear about 1154 LILL?
"I cannot remember how I first heard about 1154 LILL. I believe it was through a friend who lived in Chicago. I was there visiting in 2005 and my friend and went to the store there. I believed we designed about 6 bags for our friends and family. We were having such a great time with all the fabrics and the different styles. Throughout the years, I have continued to visit the Chicago and Boston stores and always find time to create a bag."

What is the best party about hosting an 1154 LILL party?
"The best part about hosting was having 1154 LILL come to you. It was nice to have a group of friends around chatting and catching up while being creative and designing bags. Having Jenn come to my house really made things easy, and it was a stress free way of getting the ladies together for something different than just cocktails. We actually talked about doing one of these parties back in August while on a bachelorette trip but finally got around to doing it in January. Better late than never."

What is your favorite 1154 LILL style?
"My favorite style bag the Andi. I think it is the perfect size to be able to put everything in your purse. My mother and sister designed one in Boston a couple years back, and I was so jealous of the end result that I ended up having to borrow the bag long term. Another great one is Christie. I take it on every vacation I have. I just love how great everything fits in there and how easy it is to clean especially the inside."

What would you like to see 1154 LILL do in the future?
"As for 1154 LILL in the future, I think keep up what you are doing. I think people have been spreading the word and you make good quality products that was is not to love about it. I did enjoy that you have added new products i.e. the Pillows. I think that is definitely a good idea. Overall, I think if you were to try to open another store perhaps somewhere out on the west coast you would have great success with it."

Thank you for hosting and enjoy your new Maddie Jane Design A Bag Kit!