Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily's Pick of the Week ~ All Kinds of LILL Fans!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd focus on something a little bit different this week for my pick of the week. My name is Emily, and I work for Customer Care at 1154 LILL's website. I am also a LILL On Location rep for the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Through both of my jobs with LILL, I am fortunate to work with amazing customers. I have the opportunity to answer questions for people about LILL bags and fabrics. I adore working with customers to help them design their own unique LILL bag. I love helping people pick out coordinating fabrics. There is something so exciting about designing your own LILL bag. I clearly remember the day that I designed my first LILL bag! I went to the Chicago boutique with my Mom and sister-in-law. We had so much fun picking out our favorite style and then searching through the fabrics for the best combination. I loved spending time with my family designing my first LILL bag. Every time I use my first LILL bag, it reminds me of my family and the wonderful time that we had designing together.
I have been a LILL fan for several years. After I desinged my first LILL bag back in 2006, I started to notice more people with LILL bags. Now that I have worked for LILL for awhile, I can spot a LILL bag a mile away! I always get so excited when I see someone with a LILL bag. I have spotted LILL bags in so many places: at the grocery store, at Corner Bakery, at a Dar Williams Concert in Chicago, at Walgreens, etc. I even saw a woman carrying her LILL bag on a television spot about a red carpet event for the movie Dark Knight last summer! I was so excited when I spotted that bag! Whenever I see someone with a LILL bag, I always go up to them and tell them how much I love their LILL bag. I am always carrying my own LILL bag at the time, so we usually strike up a conversation about LILL and how much we love our bags.

Since I am a LILL On Location rep, I have a suitcase filled with fabric swatches and LILL sample bags. Before every LILL party, I organize my bags and fabrics. One day, while I was busy organizing my things, I noticed that there was another LILL fan in my home besides me. My darling dog, Gandalf, settled in amongst my bags and fabric. Ever since that day, he loves when I pull out my LILL kit. Thanks for being a loyal LILL fan! Keep your eyes open for other LILL fans...they're everywhere!!

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