Monday, January 26, 2009

Celebrating a Special Day with LILL

As the LILL Bridal Contest came to a close it seemed to inspire a few more LILL brides to write to simply share their stories about how LILL helped make their special day unique. LILL loves brides and we especially love to hear your stories. We are happy to provide a product and service that helps make at least one of those bridal tasks easy and fun!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I hope this post will inspire some of you future brides-to-be!

I'd like you to meet Emily P. from Pittsburgh, PA who recently tied the knot on January 3rd, 2009.

She visited our Chicago boutique this past summer for a girls weekend in Chicago. She had her bridesmaids stop in and make their bags. They could do any combination of red, black and white.

Let's get to know this Pittsburgh bride a little more:

Favorite style: "ANDI - My now sister-in-laws introduced me
to LILL when they got me a gift certificate to LILL for Christmas in
2007. My very first bag was my ANDI and it is still my favorite!"

Most memorable part of your wedding day: "The best part of my wedding
day was by far the ceremony. It was elegant and absolutely perfect."

How did LILL help make your special day, special? "LILL helped to make
my special day special by making it so easy for me to pick out a fun
bridesmaid gift in my wedding colors that my bridesmaids could use at
the wedding, while looking stylish, but then also be excited to use
afterwards and always remember how they were part of my special day."

"In addition to the custom LILL Bags for my bridesmaids, I also
purchased two small Leslie bags for my female readers that were
already in black, white and red fabrics

Thanks so much for sharing your story and your pictures, Emily! You make a lovely bride!

If any of you LILL Girls out there would like to share your story about you experience with LILL, whether you are a bride or simply a purse fanatic, feel free to write in. We'd love to hear from you!

- Lilly S.

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