Sunday, June 27, 2010

LILL on Location

Can you believe we have reached the week of Fourth of July holiday already? This summer has been flying by so far and all of us here at LILL have been trying to pack our weekends full of Chicago summer fun.

I know summer is supposed to be all about great outdoor activities and soaking up the summer sun, but there are days – like when the temperature is recorded in triple digits and it’s so humid your hair develops a personality all of its own – that you and your friends just need something to do indoors. Those sorts of hot summer days are perfect for a LILL party – you get to be with your friends, do something creative, pass judgment on each others bag designs (or is it just my friends who do that?) and it can all happen in cool, air-conditioned comfort. Add some frozen margaritas and some tasty black bean/mango salsa (it’s crazy good!) and you’ve got a perfect summer girlfriend get together.

How can you make this happen? Just request a party. Our LILL on Location handbag party program has Reps in cities all across the country and they often have exclusive specials and offers for the party guests. This July, for instance, the LILL Reps are offering an extra $50 discount to all returning hostesses and that’s in addition to July’s “Buy One, Get One at 25% Off!” promo. That makes for some pretty sweet deals to be had all July long.

So instead of just watching those summer temps climb higher and higher and wondering what you can do to stay cool, go ahead and put in your request for a LILL party. Invite your friends and prepare to score some hot summer deals with our LILL on Location Reps.

See you this July!


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