Thursday, April 24, 2008

Small Steps to a Greener LILL

We have recently created a “Go Green” committee at LILL HQ. LILL team members have been working hard to implement eco-friendly practices throughout HQ. We have implemented a recycling program and are learning of ways to conserve.
While we are not considered a green company just yet, we are making small, yet important steps to do the best we can on a daily basis.

Our “Go Green” committee is working diligently to spread the message that little “green” steps add up to big “green” results. These dedicated LILL team members can be found sorting through our garbage to ensure all waste is separated appropriately. Such as in this picture where Candice G. is in our dumpster pulling out recyclable materials!

Feats such as this are inspiring to us all at LILL. We hope it will inspire you as well!

If you have an inspirational story about helping the environment, we’d love to hear it! Email me with your story:

Lilly S.


Jenny said...

i luv you for this Candice!!

go GREEN LILL go!!!


shelley p said...


You are the only person I know who could look perfectly adorable from inside a dumpster! So cute!

Minneapolis West Rep

Kristina said...

Thanks for going the extra mile and hoppin' in the dumpster, Candice!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I think we all should do one thing a day to be "Green". "Gorgeously Green" is my new favorite book and has helped me do new "green" things every day.

Central NJ Rep