Monday, April 21, 2008

Express Yourself

LILL Bags allow you to express your true style and creativity no matter what your required attire may be. A LILL Bag seems to always be able to not only compliment your wardrobe, but your personality.

Meet Monica W., 1154 LILL’s HQ Office Manager. Not only does she work with 1154 LILL but is also a Youth Pastor for her church on the weekends.

“I love the versatility of Lill Bags, they work so well with every area of my life! I use my DONNA for travel to all of my speaking engagements and carrying all of my books for class. My CAROLINA is great for grocery day, when I need every hand free! My ANNE is the perfect size for the essentials on Sunday Morning. And this DREA gave me just the pick me up I needed for a Friday “business as usual meeting” when I really just felt like being a girl!”

How does your LILL Bag let you reflect your uniqueness and sense of style? Write me and we’ll post your story on our blog!

-Lilly S.

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