Monday, October 22, 2007

Help Lilly design her DONNA

To pass the time until the raffle winner of the $50 1154 LILL gift certificate is announced I decided we should all do a creative activity together! I recently joined a gym and am need of a DONNA to tote all of my work-out necessities! So, I decided to treat myself! I do not own a DONNA yet (can you believe it!) and have been experimenting with a few combinations.

What do you think? You can vote on your favorite by using the poll on the left.

I love pink and brown together, plus the polka-dots are so girly.

Our design team says that birds are really HOT this year and I just love all the natural colors here. Not sure if my straps are too busy for this combo. What do you think?


This one is more classic.

Or, do you have an idea on a different combination? Email me your ideas: .

Thank you so far to the ladies who have sent me their design suggestions. We have quite a talented pool of "LILL Girls" our there. My desision will continue to be more difficult, but that's not a bad thing! If any of you like one of the below combinations, please feel free to email me or post a comment.

Thanks so much to Roselyn who suggested this combination for me as well! I like the patterning on the top and bottom base.

The 3 below were sent by Amity. I love the different colors and textures that are all paired together on the below 3. Bold patterns on the body with patterned straps really creates a uniqe and fun cobination.

This one was sent to me by Catherine. The contrasting, yet coordinating straps really add a pop of color. Henna Paisley is one of my favorites!

This was sent to me by Rebecca. Another great mix of patterns and textures. Plus I love red!

Jennifer recommended I use Tobasco Weave for my straps to add some contrast of color stating "I love using every possible fabric for designing my Lills!" And I couldn't agree more!

I will be announcing my pick on Wednesday, October 31st so check back to see which combination I chose for my new DONNA!

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Eb said...

This is a hard decision. All bags look good! But I chose Donna #1.