Wednesday, August 6, 2008


August is an exciting month for LILL! We are celebrating our 9th anniversary and with that comes new styles for you to enjoy.

SUSAN is our versatile shoulder tote with convertible strap that can also be worn as a messenger. Tote to work, carry baby's essentials ,or bring to the gym.

Pair with a JACK to store baby's travel wipes and diapers.

Our new wristlets: MADDIE and AUDREY + JANE (detachable wristlet/key chain).
Both are roomy enough to hold your cell phone, lip gloss, and compact. Add a CONNOR for added organization, the compact style tucks neatly inside a MADDIE or AUDREY.

Choose MADDIE for a sleek modern style.

Choose AUDREY for a classic pleated look.

Mix and match a JANE detachable wristlet with your AUDREY and MADDIE. JANE can also be used as a key ring as well as be attached to your, CONNOR ID wallet, and JACK for an easy way to carry diapers and wipes for the mom on the go!

Now, meet the wonderful people these bags are named after.

Meet Susan - Mom to the Loncar sisters who work in various departments at LILL's HQ.

Susan and her 5 beautiful children. From left to right: Katie (Cutting Associate), Mandy (Design Director), Matt (brother), Kristina (LILL on Location Associate), Susan, & Mary (baby sister - not quite old enough to work at LILL just yet, but we hope to see her here someday!).

Let's get to know Susan:
Favorite LILL style: HADLEY
One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: A 2 dollar bill my dad gave me that helps me remember him.
Children: Mandy, Kristina, Katie (who all work at LILL) , Matthew, and Mary
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
TV show: Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Celebrity or have you ever met anyone famous? Richard Gere is my favorite celebrity and I’ve met the band members of the Styx who played at my high school dances. I have also met the members of Three Dog Night.
Last great book you read: A Danielle Steel novel and I don’t have much time to read so I read at the check out counter!
Hero or Mentor: My parents
Favorite Food: I love barbecued pork chops with Vegeta.
Hobbies or Activities important to you: I like to play bocce ball and dance Croatian kolo’s along with playing my tambura.

Meet Jack - Son to Amy F., LILL's Web Store Manager Get to know Jack:
Favorite LILL style: SOPHIE, it’s named after my great-grandma who I love so much.
One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: My mommy carries my toy Bobcat for me, I love trucks and anything construction.
Children: Not yet, I’m still waiting to find the right girl to settle down.
Pets: A cat named Fred.
Favorite Movie: Shrek
Favorite TV show: Mickey Mouse Club House & Choo Choo Soul
Favorite Celebrity: Nina from The Goodnight Show
Last great book you read: How I Became a Pirate and Goodnight Florida Keys
Hero or Mentor: My cousin Alex, he’s 7 whole months older than me and knows so much!
Favorite Food: Meatballs and green beans.
Hobbies or Activities important to you: I love spending time with my Gammy and reading books with her, she teaches me so many fun things. I also like watching my Mommy and Daddy play sand volleyball in the summer, bike rides in my mommy’s bike trailer and pushing around my many toy trucks and trains.

Meet Maddie Jane - Niece to Rachel D., LILL's Creative Services manager.

Get to know Maddie Jane:
One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: Paper for some funny drawings I might make.
Best Friend: Theo, my brother.
Pets: Teddy the cat.
Favorite Movie: Charlotte’s Web
Favorite Celebrity: David Archuletta. I was sad that David Cook won. I fell down I was so sad.
Last great book you read: We’ve read Winnie the Pooh a lot so that might be my favorite.
Hero or Mentor: I want to be Spider-man because I haven’t crawled down the ceiling and I want to see what crawling down the ceiling is like.
Favorite Food: Potstickers.
Hobbies or Activities Important to you: One of my hobbies is drawing fabulous and terrific pictures. I also like to read and swim.

Meet Audrey - Also niece to Rachel D., LILL's Creative Services manager.

Get to know Audrey:
One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: Chex Mix.
Best Friend: My Glowie Bear that changes color with a magic wand.
Pets: Cory, my Betta fish.
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo.
Favorite Celebrity: Elmo.
Last great book you read: DW's Lost Blankie by Marc Brown.
Hero: My Daddy is my hero because he gets to play on the computer all day long.
Favorite Food: Corn on the cob--yummy.
Hobbies or Activities important to you: Drawing pictures of kitties
and playing kick ball in my yard.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the faces behind the bags and are looking forward to celebrating 9 years with LILL!

-Lilly S.

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