Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week

I am now excited to present "Emily's Pick of the Week"! Emily R., is an online stylists for 1154 LILL. She has a true knack for mixing and matching fabrics and loves to help customers create beautiful LILL Bag combinations.

We hope these LILL customer's creations will inspire you as much as they did Emily.

"One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing what people come up with when they design a custom bag. Everyday I see combinations that I never would have thought of myself. I’d love to share an adorable bag that I recently saw come through our web store created by Becca C., from Dallas, TX:

Exterior: Moroccan Tiles
External Stripe: Key Lime Twill
Interior: Yellow Stone
Interior pocket: Snow Leopard
Strap: Key Lime Twill

You can use this bag all year long! The exterior is hip with a cool black and cream design. This is a nice, thick fabric that has a great texture. The external stripe and strap add a brilliant pop of color in Key Lime Twill. The interior is just adorable in Yellow Stone. This is a bright and whimsical pattern that will brighten anyone’s day! The interior pocket adds a splash of fun in Snow Leopard. This bag is even environmentally friendly with two eco-chic fabrics, Snow Leopard and Key Lime Twill.

DREA is a great bag because you can turn it inside out and you have a new bag! Plus, it's easy to find things!

When I took a trip downstairs to the production area, a particular creation on the Quality Assurance wall instantly POPPED out amongst the others. It was this bright and shiny combination created by Kari O., from South Bend, IN. at a LILL on Location party.


Exterior: Strawberry Daiquiri
Exterior pocket: Sari Paisley
Interior: Fruit Cocktail
Interior Pocket: China Doll Brocade

What bright and beautiful colors! You cannot help but notice the hot pink Strawberry Daiquiri on the exterior with the bright orange with pink paisley on the exterior pocket. These fabrics instantly make me think of summer and all of the bright, beautiful weather we have been enjoying over the past few weeks. The interior of this bag is so cute. I have been admiring the two fabrics for a long time, but I never thought of putting them together! The Fruit Cocktail contains pretty and summery stripes that coordinate nicely with summer outfits. The China Doll Brocade fabric on the interior pocket really compliments the dark pink stripes in the Fruit Cocktail. The China Doll Brocade adds a touch of elegance to the entire bag.

It is so much fun to see the unique combinations of fabrics that our LILL customers come up with. I am constantly amazed by the beautiful creations that I see. Each bag truly does reflect the personality of each person that designs it. I have had friends tell me that my custom designed DONNA bag is so “me.” My personality really shines through with that bag!"

Check back weekly for Emily's Pick of the Week! Your LILL Bag might be famous!

- Lilly S.


Robin Newberry said...

GREAT bags by great customers! Love your picks, Emily!

roza said...

love all your designs =o) wish i can hv one. heee

-from kuala lumpur, malaysia