Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Search for the Perfect Bag

Women love accessories, it's our given right in this world to have an outstanding selection of shoes and handbags. What happens when you find the perfect shoes, but can't seem to find the perfect handbag to compliment? LILL happens!

Meet Erin H. from Seattle, WA. Her quest for the perfect handbag to match her shoes lasted for 3 years! Fortunately for her (and us) she found LILL.

She attended her first LILL on Location party with a very important box in hand. The box held a beautiful pair of champagne mules with pearl embellishments, the very shoes she had been searching for the perfect handbag to match with for years. Within minutes, Jenn C. her LILL on Location rep directed her to 2 fabrics, Seashell Weave and Vanilla Sateen - perfect! The fabrics complimented her shoes and she designed a beautiful GRACE with a ruffle, her search was over.

Was it destiny? Perhaps, but we here at LILL like to think there's something for everyone so it came as no surprise to us that Erin was able to design the perfect handbag to coordinate with her shoes.

Erin received her custom designed GRACE just in time to wear to a wedding she was attending that weekend. We loved her story and she graciously allowed us to post it along with some fun facts about her. Get to know Erin:

How did you discover LILL Bags? A friend had a purse party and I went to.
What's your favorite LILL Bag style? ANDI
Unique thing you carry in your bag: Aveda lip gloss, love it!
Favorite movie: Amelie
Favorite celebrity: Anne Hathaway
Last great book you read: A Hat Full of Sky
Hero: My Mom.
Favorite food: Sushi.
Hobbies and activities you enjoy: Signing, cooking, traveling, hanging out with friends/family.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Erin! Your steadfast determination to find the perfect handbag to match your shoes is an inspiration to women everywhere!
If you have a story you'd like to share, please email me we'd love to hear from you!
- Lilly S.

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