Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet Connor!

Meet CONNOR, our handy little fold-over ID wallet with 2 interior pockets to store ID bus pass and credit cards. The spring loaded key ring allows you to connect CONNOR to your key chain for convenient access.

Now meet the real Connor, son of Robin Newberry - LILL's VP.

As cute as a button, this happy little guy truly reflects this fun and adorable accessory. Let's get to know Connor by learning about his favorite things:

Favorite LILL style: "I like the HADLEY because it’s named after my future girlfriend."
One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: "I’m a baby (and a boy), so I don’t carry a bag. But my favorite thing my mommy carries in her DIANA is my bottle!"
Pets: "Our dog Wrigley – I like to pull his ears."

Favorite TV show: "I’ve been a little mesmerized by “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” which is my sister’s favorite show."
Favorite Celebrity: "Do my mom and dad count?"
Last great book you read: "Goodnight Moon"
Hero or Mentor: "My big sister Kate, who is almost 2 – she is so funny! I giggle every time I see her."
Favorite Food or Recipe: "Sweet potatoes are a new treat!"
Hobbies or Activities important to you: "Scooting, grabbing anything in site, pulling up onto all fours, “talking” and getting hugged and kissed."

It was a pleasure getting to know you, Connor. Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us!
-Lilly S.

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