Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stay warm...and Cute!

With the worst of winter gearing up to hit the Midwest today, we're all preparing in various ways- we got our day started a little earlier so that we can leave work early (snow traffic is the worst), a lot of us stocked up on our groceries for the week and some of us busted out our warmest and most sensible winter accessories. Notice I said "warmest" and "most sensible", and not "chicest" or " most desirable". We're all a little guilty of piling it all on without being too conscious about whether or not it really compliments our outfit. While it may take a little more effort, you can still look totally cute without sacrificing your warmth. Try on some of these accessories from Anthropologie, and of course, pair it with an extra roomy LILL bag. You'll need that extra space to stash all your winter gear.

Add a Donna, Lilli, or Roxy to complete your look!

If we happen to get those 20" of snow they're calling for stay home, grab a mug of hot cocoa, a good book and enjoy some "me" time....and maybe do a little on-line shopping.

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All of your stuff are great, they are all cute=) Thanks for sharing.