Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Things Never Change...

With "Snowmageddon" behind Chicagoland, we're back in action here at LILL. A power outage shut headquarters down for a couple of days, but everyone's trying to get back to normal as the city cleans up the biggest mess of snow most of us here have seen in our lifetimes. This blizzard was reported as the 3rd largest in Chicago's history, shedding down some 20+ inches of snow! With the sun now shining it's nice to see people out and about, and hopefully the melting will begin. If you weren't lucky enough to see it all go down yourself, here's an image from the havoc it caused on Lake Shore Drive, causing drivers to finally just leave their cars behind. The second image is from the blizzard of 1967...not much has changed. Lets hope it's at least another 40+ years before we have to shovel this much ever again!

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