Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall is in Full Swing!

Happy Friday, friends of Lill!

This week has been nothing short of exciting, both as an intern for Lill and a new Chicago city-dweller! While I had the opportunity to explore Navy Pier, spend time with old and new friends, try new forms of exercise and cuisine i also ran into a minor glitch...

This week I came down with a slight case of the I thought in the spirit of fighting off this disasterous bug I would share a few tips (some tried and true and others I had yet to come across) on how to stay healthy this time of year:
  1. Don't eat too many sweets- sugar will not help your immune system one bit!

  2. If you need to sneeze or cough, do so you into your elbow just so that you don't share the "joy" with everyone on the train. However, I do understand when the hand-shield is the only way and in that case please just wash your hands...

  3. Sleep more (because i'm guessing you don't do this enough now) and drink water like it's your job.

  4. Find a little alone-time to destress.Giving your body a little break can do nothing but help

Missing a day of work this week was a definite dissapointment because Lill is in constant forward motion; I don't want to miss a beat! Some of the themes being focused on this week include:

  • What's NEW for the holiday season

  • Possible new themes for online

  • New DEALS (keep your eyes peeled for those both on our website and Facebook!!!)

  • Brainstorming spring merchandise ideas

As this next week comes around remember to keep an eye out for great styles and deals and please stay healthy so you can enjoy this wonderful autumn season!!

All the best,


-Lill's College Marketing Intern

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