Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Falling For Flocking

As the fall season gets fully under way, I find myself gravitating towards all things textural. Fall has always been my favorite season for dressing - I love the look of layers and the possibilities of combining colors, patterns and textures in a new way. At LILL, it is also my favorite time of year as our fall fabrics always include an aray of rich colors and textures - my favorite of which is flocking. Flocking is a process of creating texture by applying small particles of fabric to create a pattern with a velvety feel. The raised flocked texture creates a striking visual appeal and adds an extra dimension to the design and the tactile experience of the fabric. I am loving our flocked offerings this year. Check out the photo of some of my favorites - Clockwise - Flocked Houndstooth, Dottie, Whippany Paisley, Flocked Tiger and Red Sea. The patterns really pop when you add a colorful accent. If initial Fall orders are any indication, I'm not the only one falling for flocking. Happy Designing!
-Jen Velarde

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