Friday, July 9, 2010

Intern Update - College Campaign

Hey Ladies!! Just an update on the college campaign we’ve been working on. We have decided to launch the Campus Chic line initially on two campuses: Northwestern and University of Wisconsin-Madison, so look out for us there! The first Campus Chic bag is going to be called ELLIE (look for a sneak peak soon)!! Other than that, we are currently working on a Campus Chic web page and a Facebook Fan Page.

Aside from working on the college campaign, we’ve, also, been spotting some cute college fashions.

DeVonna is a HUGE fan of the tribal, Native American look, especially the jewelery!

Alison absolutely loves denim shirts! Denim shirts with boots, denim shirts with fun skirts, denim, denim, denim! Plus, denim goes with every LILL fabric!

Sibei went to the beach this past weekend and was inspired by a group of women confidently embracing chic, edgy, and daring one piece swimsuits such as this. In a generation where two-piece swimwear is the social “norm,” why not express your unique self by revisiting a former trend!

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