Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fall 2010 Fabrics

Hello from the world of fabrics. I am so excited about our Fall palette that came out last week. There are so many great black and white flocked fabrics choose (Flocked Houndstooth anyone?) to choose from as well as brighter jewel toned prints. My fav so far is glamorous. It’s such a great color and the slight sheen makes it great for day or night. I made a quick video to show you some of the new fabrics. Check it out here.

We have broken our palete into five groups:

Black and Blue - blues, greens, greys and black. The basics which will match almost anything.

Bridal- a little fancier fabrics in the neutral category. We finally have a great Silver. Harvest- your warmer browns and oranges. The colors that make you think of comfort and the fall.

Vivacious- blues, purples and fuchsia’s. A brighter pallet for those of you who don’t let the winter drag you down.

Flocked- the basic reds and blacks with a twist. All of these patterns are flocked, but have a lot of personality.

It’s so hard to think of Fall right now in the middle of this hot summer. I just got back from NYC for my birthday and was inspired by the crazy fashions of New York. Anything goes, which is going to be my new motto for the next decade of my life.

Enjoy your summer and some new fabrics!

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