Monday, February 8, 2010

Winner # 3

Our week 3 winner of the Design a Bag Kit is Sara Armstrong! Sara hosted a party with our Indianapolis rep, Amy after learning about 1154 LILL from her sister-n-law. At the party she picked out an adorable Drea reversible handbag (pictured to left) and a fun spring Carolina wallet. Next she'll get to try her hand at designing a Maddie Jane with the Design a Bag Kit that is on its way to her. Can't wait to see what she picks out! Here are the answers to the questions we asked her about 1154 LILL:
How did you hear about 1154 LILL?
"My fabulous Sister-In-Law and all of her friends have 1154 Lill bags. We try to get together one night each month for a "Ladies Night". What better way to have fun with the girls than to design purses!"

What is the best part about hosting a party with 1154 LILL?
"Being able to have everyone together at my house and sharing ideas with each other."

What is your favorite bag style and why?
"My favorite style is the Drea because its two bags in one!"

What would you like to see 1154 LILL do in the future?
"Keep offering more designs!"
Enjoy your new bags Sara!
-Jen Velarde

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