Monday, February 8, 2010

Our New LINKS Collection!

This month we launched the first pieces in our new LINKS Collection. What is LINKS, you may ask? Well, its a new twist on designing with our products. From LILL's beginnings, we have focused on designing our handbags by choosing from one of our set silhouettes and selecting fabrics for various parts of the bag. Ten years in, we are ready to offer something new - a way to build your own silhouette by choosing components that "link" together to create unique looks - thus our new "LINKS Collection." Our first few pieces include a large tote body (LILLI), a medium rectangular pouch (ISABEL), a small wallet sized pouch (NANCY), and 2 strap choices (2 short straps, or one long adjustable strap). With these 5 pieces you can do so many things. And, what's great about it is that the individual pieces all work together. So, you can start with one bag and as you add more pieces, you'll be adding to your design possibilities. The more pieces you have the more looks you can create! And, there are more on the horizon... we are currently working on the next body piece that will be introduced later this spring. Its a look you'll love now and for seasons to come!

I attached a few of my favorite looks here, but check out our website to see more and peak at a video! The LINKS collection is currently available in stores and at parties through our LILL On Location program - be the first to start your "collection" by hosting a party or visiting one of our stores!

LILLI with short straps worn full....LILLI with short straps worn cinched...LILLI with an ISABEL or NANCY as accent...LILLI with long adjustable strap....ISABEL with long adjustable strap....ISABEL with NANCY and long adjustable strap.... just to name a few combinations....

We can't wait to see what you all create!

-Jen Velarde


Micah loves Pearl Necklace said...

Great collection..Very refreshing.. would love to have one of these.

Micah loves Pearl Necklace said...

Nice Bag