Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Ready for LILL Babies

The fun part of working with a mostly female staff is all the exciting life happenings that arise in our lives, such as weddings and babies! All at once, 4 women are expecting little ones due within a couple of month of each other. Jen Velarde welcomed Baby Grey Velarde into the world just this past March - St. Patty's Day to be exact! Next to be welcoming their babies are Emily R. and Amy F., both part of the Web Store Team! They are both expecting only days apart from each other. Here at LILL, we hosted a double baby shower for them to help Emily get ready for her first and Amy get ready for her second. LILL staff also wore pink and blue in honor of the moms-to-be.

Games included match the baby animal name to the parent (ie- kitten to cat) and a betting pool where LILL staff can choose a day and whether they think Emily is going to have a boy or girl. Winner wins the pot! Since Amy already knows she is going to have a boy, it takes most the fun out of the gamble.

Emily and Amy were also gifted lovely SUSAN diaper bags, each to match their personality. SUSAN is a great style for baby and for back to work so it was a great choice!

Amy's SUSAN features our Wild Zebra fabric with Sea Spray for a pop of color. Emily's SUSAN is a more girly combination with one of our most popular fabrics, Spring Fling, paired with Pretty in Pink Faux Suede and Yellowstone.

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