Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Erin's Special Day

Meet Erin H., our Providence LILL on Location rep who recently tied the knot with the man of her dreams. The day was gorgeous, Erin looked ever so lovely, and her 'maids were beautiful, and not to mention - beautifully accessorized!

Erin dressed her girls in deep sky blue satin dresses and accessorized them with cocoa brown sateen MARY bags. The reverse side of each MARY matched each of her bridesmaid's personality.

Let's get to know Erin more and learn about how LILL helped make her day special.

Wedding Date: August 23, 2008

Most memorable part of your wedding day: I remember sitting at the reception and looking around the room at all the different groups of family and friends that were there for me and Armando. College friends mixed in with cousins and childhood friends dancing with my brothers and sisters. We were so blessed to be surrounded by so many family and friends from all over the world on our special day.

Oh – and our reception was crashed by a group of sailors. They made for some amusing pictures!

How did LILL help make your special day, special?

I get to help others make LILL bags everyday but it’s even better when I get to pick out fabrics for my friends. I made 7 MARY Bags in “Dark Roast Sateen” (to match our color scheme of blue and chocolate brown) and the reverse side was a fabric that matched my bridesmaid’s personalities. I also made LESLIE and ANNE Bags for our readers and guest book attendants. My bridesmaids are some of my best LILL customers so they were thrilled to get another bag to add to their collection. One of my attendants – Janet – was also the gal who first introduced me to LILL when we were on a reunion in Chicago. Don’t you love how it all comes full circle!

Favorite LILL Bag style:

My ANDI is my everyday bag and I love it! I just got a new one in “Boston Navy” and “Stained Glass Window” with “In a Daze” peeking out in my pocket. I also love my ANNE Bags. I have 5 and they go everywhere with me – in my work bag, my gym bag, my desk, my purse – you name it, and ANNE is there!

Favorite thing about being a LOL rep?

I meet the most fascinating people! One night I’ll be working with a group of executives and the next night I’m the entertainment at a bachelorette party. All of the gals (and some guys!) with whom I have had the pleasure of working with, love the LILL brand as much as I do. I love seeing the fabric combinations that people come up with and see the different ways people use their LILL. Amy as a camera case, a Christie to match their bathroom and a Leslie to carry laundry money and fabric sheets – and the list goes on.

Thanks LILL for being part of my special day!

Thank you for sharing all the joy of your special day with us, Erin! I hope this inspires all you brides-to-be out there. Remember, brides get a special discount of 10% off their order of 5 or more bags of the same style!

Book your party with a LILL on Location rep today, visit one of our boutiques or design online anytime!
-Lilly S.

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