Friday, October 17, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week

Hello LILL Fans! This week I'd like to feature one of my favorite LILL bags, DONNA! DONNA is great to use while traveling or for a work bag. One of the great things about DONNA is that you can fit so much stuff in there! Also, there are several pockets sewn into the interior. The interior is a light khaki color, which allows you to find your things very easily. I took my DONNA on a Caribbean cruise with me. I loved how I was able to organize my boarding pass, identification, magazines, books and snacks for the airplane ride. Then, once I was cruising the high seas, I used DONNA as a beach bag. I was able to fit all of my beach essentials in there including a large towel, sunscreen, change of clothes, book, money, sunglasses, and much more. Also, I am a LILL rep, so I go to LILL parties in people's homes and offices. I use my DONNA at every party. I carry my LILL custom order forms, pens, binder, folders and paper in there. As long as I am toting my DONNA with me, I feel confident that I will have a successful LILL party!

This week, I would like to feature a custom DONNA designed by Erin S. from Erie, CO. Erin chose the very popular Wanaque Paisley for the exterior of her DONNA. Wanaque Paisley has a chocolate brown paisley design atop a beige linen background. The paisley design is flocked. Wanaque Paisley is a great fabric for the fall. Erin S. chose the aqua colored Sea Spray for the exterior top and base of her DONNA. The aqua and chocolate brown look brilliant together!
Erin S. really pulled together the whole look by choosing Dark Roast Sateen for the fabric straps of her bag. The Dark Roast Sateen gives the bag a little bit of a dressy feel.

Check out the ready-made DONNA's on our website or design your own! The darling DONNA will not disappoint. Have a great weekend! Emily R.

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