Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacationing the LILL Way

There’s no doubt about it, these girls love LILL and fabrics.
Our LILL HQ fabric manager, Adrienne (of the ADRIENNE bag), is also one of the many LILL on Location reps in the Chicago-land area. On her visit to San Francisco, she met up with Clea the San Diego LILL on Location rep who also works with Shannon at an interior design firm.

Together they traveled to wineries and explored all San Francisco had to offer. They share a love for LILL and fabrics (and wine!).

Throughout their travels they could be found with their favorite LILL Bags in tow.

(from right to left: Adrienne, Clea and Shannon)
"A trip to San Francisco was the perfect scene for us to use our Lill bags- the styles, patterns, and colors helped us fit right in with the funky, fashion forward scene! We took our bags wine tasting in Sonoma County. They were roomy enough to store our picnic lunches and some goodies to bring home from all the tasty wineries and, of course out and about in the city - where we got lots of compliments! We filled them with trinkets from our travels, no matter how much you stuff in your LILL Bag, the straps are still comfortable for long walks around town. They helped us to avoid having to accept earth-unfriendly plastic bags for everything bought- perfect for San Francisco values and anywhere else! Lill bags make the perfect traveling companion." Clea S.

“Not only were our bags cute and matched every outfit (easier for packing), but they held so much!!! We are at a winery in this photo. My ANDI could fit the bottle of wine we were saving for lunch. I stored my wallet, phone, a sweater, sunglasses, ANNE and a bottle of wine. Now that’s traveling in style.” Adrienne S.

The summer is here, do you have any plans to go somewhere fun?
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-Lilly S.

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