Monday, May 5, 2008

Vote for your favorite!

Thanks to all who submitted their entries for 1154 LILL’s “Where in the World is Your LILL Bag” contest! LILL Bags have been accompanying many of our customers on their traveling adventures.

See their picture and read their entries, it’s amazing to see all the different parts of the world our lucky LILL Bags were able to visit!

We’re asking YOU to choose the winner from the few selected contest entries!

Vote by clicking on our pole at the top left corner of our blog. The $50 LILL Gift Certificate WIINNER will be announced on May 12th.

#1 -Kathleen C.

My ANDI bag is amazing. Traveling through Germany, not only can it hold a six pack to keep up with the German fellas, but I could carry all my winter wear and camera without worry.

#2 - Megan K.

Living abroad in Dubai, where designer handbags abound, I've answered the question "where did you get that bag?" many times. "Sadly" I say (smiling on the inside), "you can only get them in America." My ANDI is perfect for a day out shopping in Dubai, like going to the spice souks, holding my blessed water bottle to battle the heat.

#3 - Susan M.

I actually found the 1154 LILL company when trying to find a great versatile purse for my 3 week trip through Europe last October. I fell in love with my TARA bag because the across the shoulder bag is a must when travelling! And with just 2 steps, she turns into a shoulder bag! I got to pick the design to with all all of my outfits! Here is a picture of TARA in Rome, Italy! She has also been to Spain, Croatia, France, and Bermuda!

#4 - Nicole K.

So I got my BRIDGET bag in October and went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Well we were only there for a couple days so we just stuffed my LILL with a change of underwear and two clean shirts, some makeup and toothbrushes and off we went! It worked like a charm, we didn't have to check luggage and I looked fantastic with my beautiful bag! Needless to say I'm hosting a party on March 14th so I can share my love LILL with all my friends!!

#5 - Stephanie H.

My JEANNE purse was the perfect accessory on my honeymoon in St. Martin, besides my husband of course! It easily coordinated with all of my outfits since it is reversible.

#6 Rebecca A.

I scored an eagle on Azalea, #13 at Augusta, with my travel sidekick, LIZ. We were stylish and obedient (no bags larger than 10x5x5)

#7 Grace P.

My MANDY bag is as unique as I am and that's what I love about it. I always get compliments on the color and design. It carries everything I need for school and fun vacations. I'll always LEAN twards Lill! Grace Petro, Age 13

Thanks everyone and good luck!
-Lilly S.

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