Friday, March 7, 2008

One LILL Bag - 3 Different Uses

I find LILL Bags to be very versatile due to their design. A DIANA that was once used as a full time diaper bag on maternity leave is easily transformed into a work tote during the week days.

DONNA’s size and organization opens the doors to many uses as well. I spoke with three lovely LILL Girls who own DONNA Bags and carry her for 3 very different uses.

Meet Pam – A new mommy who uses her DONNA as a stylish diaper bag.

"The DONNA bag has been great for my diaper bag in that it is large enough to hold my and baby's essentials, but not too big and bulky. The organizational compartments help keep my items separate from baby's and it works works well when getting in and out of the car when running errands because of it's compact size."

Meet Adrienne – She carries her DONNA when traveling.

"I took my DONNA on a business trip. I carried my water bottle, work documents, my LESLIE makeup bag for last minute fixes, my ANDI along with a sweater - airplanes are cold. It made traveling easy because you can put your purse in there and you only have to carry one bag then. Also, it made it easy to scan at the airport security. The handy interior pockets made it easy to keep my boarding pass and ID available, but discrete. The zipper adds security when putting it in the overhead bins or under the seat. I didn’t have to worry about my belongings falling out or getting lost. It was also easy to find in the over-head bin because of the bright colors, it didn’t blend in with all the other black bags, so I could identify it easily.

Meet Erica – Her DONNA doubles as a Yoga bag and school tote.

"As a Yoga bag, I’m able to fit my yoga books, a notebook, a bottle of water and a snack along with my Yoga mat. The mat does stick out the top a little, but since I’m able to zip the bag up to the mat, I don’t feel like anything is going to fall out. Pretty convenient! I also use DONNA as a book bag for school and it is quite stuffed! At present my DONNA is filled with books, a notebook, water, hat, scarf, gloves, hand lotion (Chicago weather’s been rough on the hands!) 3 CDs (Ben Lee, Tom Petty and Robert Plant/Alison Krauss) a matching LILL compact mirror and my iPod."

Have a unique or different use for your LILL Bag?
Email me and tell me your story!
-Lilly S.

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